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1st Installation Bounce Rated™

07/01/2016 12.00.00

anti-gravitis+bungee™ represents a smart idea as now, but hanging with the proper setup developed from spring 2015, it's a lot of fun as it feels like being suspended, that's why the non-registered "anti-gravitis" name fits so well to us.

The brand new Professional bungee is double folded inside its safety tubular jacket, the handle is reinforced to resist such high hits. Even if dropping a platform is committed to experts, beginners can easily scale their level from the bottom without board/bindings.

We are actually in the process of installing a first Pro setup here in Italy, and we invite all Snowboard Camps and Trampoline Centres to touch base by sending us a general-inqury email at or better by submitting the New-Dealer Form at