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Professional bungees

28/10/2015 12.00.00

Gravitis bungees series 2016 is a snowboard professional tool, not far comparable to light old braided bungees: its patented safety jacket is made of durable canvas, the bungee is core, heavy, once start streatching it and ask the help of a companion, understand how much powerful the Pro device is: underlined, VERY powerful.

We have created a new class of professional bungees. A new world of possibilities opens: we are calling dealers to this, the game changer has arrived, try it! (Promotional retail price valid, in authorized dealers, until 30th November)

Gravitis has invented boardsport bungees, from the Italian patent to this ultimate one, contrasting, for the riders safety, all ripoff products as Banshee Bungee, Elasticboarding or copycats as FeelThePlanet. Warning: the only legit and secure* bungees are branded GRAVITIS®.

*) backed by a patent, tested and brought to the market on its basis.